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Video: NABJ Monitor TV (DO NOT PUBLISH) ask Hoye

By Shaneen Quarles
NABJ Monitor TV

Philadelphia may be known for names in history and geography, but food is one of the top tourist attractions.

On Wednesday at Jim’s on South Street they’re serving juicy steaks to hungry crowds.

“It’s tradition, it’s what we do in Philly,” said Gim Potemski, an Ohama native.

The cheesestake may be the ultimate sandwich, but a couple desserts are not to be missed either.

“If you want your life to go better, be a happy person, come and get a water ice,” said Gina Knight, a frequent customer at King’s Water Ice.

To get the true experience of water ice, some locals say you have to dip the unthinkable in it: a pretzel.

“You have to,” Knight said, “especially when it melts and you dip it at the bottom in the syrupy part.”

Water ice is huge in town and there are hundreds of water ice stands throughout the city. At King’s on North Broad Street, visitors can find the perfect Philly combination of a water ice and a Philly soft pretzel.