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Students Host First Ever Award Competition

By Deron Dalton
NABJ Monitor

Students use Facebook to vote for choice awards

This year, NABJ student representatives launched the first Student Choice Awards with a twist — using Facebook to showcase the work of nominees and to select winners.

The awards, created to recognize the journalistic achievements of NABJ student members, took place Thursday night at a student social at the Marriott hotel.

“It’s a source of motivation because it is a great way to start getting exposure for your work,” said University of Alabama student Nick Creegan.

The awards categories included best broadcast package, best radio spot, best feature article and best multimedia project. They were displayed in corresponding photo galleries on Facebook. Links to each nominees’ work were posted under the photo’s caption. Students voted by “liking” the photo of the nominee of their choice.

NABJ Student Representative Georgia Dawkins said the awards came about because the students needed a less expensive alternative to the Sports Task Force party held on Thursday.

Indiana University student Brittany Stewart won for best feature article. She said she was thrilled about the award and what she was able to accomplish on behalf of the students in her chapter.

Stewart’s article, “Moment or Movement,” appeared in the Indianapolis Recorder. It profiled broadcast journalist and CNN contributor Roland Martin, who said African- Americans should use President Barack Obama’s election as inspiration to improve their lives.

Other winners include Derrick Q. Lewis for best radio spot, Jessica Leblanc for best broadcast package and Lauren Grant for best multimedia project.
Student attendees wrapped up the night with dancing, eating and networking.

Best Broadcast Package:
Winner: Jessica Leblanc:
Ashley M. Williams:
Jay Aikins:
Joseph Jamal Andress:
Justin Walters:
Shaneen Quarles:
Juan Diasgranados:
Seth A. Lemon:
Brandon Robinson:
Derrick Q. Lewis:
Tatianah Green:
Ashley Hopkinson:
Ashley Arnold:
Justin Hinton:
Heather Hope:
Anna-Lysa Gayle:
Brandon Marshall:
Kirstin Garriss:
William Treye Green:

Best Multimedia Project:
Winner: Lauren Grant:
Ashley M. Williams:
Juan Diasgranados:
Tatianah Green:
Ashley Hopkinson:
Anna-Lysa Gayle:
Chris Saunders:
Brandon Robinson: No link posted.

Best Radio Spot:
Winner: Derrick Q. Lewis:
Naomi Prioleau:
Shaneen Quarles:
Ashley Hopkinson:

Best Feature Article:
Winner: Brittany M. Stewart:
Boyace Pope: ttp://
Juan Diasgranados:
Jason Smith:
Natelegé Whaley:
Jasmine Brown:
Derrick Q. Lewis:
Ashley Hopkinson:
Tony Briscoe:

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